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The Ranch

Please note that each ride starts with a 10-15 minute instructional time. Also when booking the following information will be asked:

  1. How much does each rider weigh? (We do have a weight limit of 220lbs.)
  2. What is the experience level?
  3. Are you allergic to any foods or anything outdoors?

Safety is our #1 concern and helmets will be a must for all riders. Feel free to bring your own if you have one or wear one of ours which are sprayed with a disinfectant before and after each ride. Proper shoes required.

We offer a relaxed atmosphere where you will not be intimidated. We feel that we are unique in that we get you on the horse and out into the forest and trails where you can experience horseback riding at it's best. The ring is a place to warm up the horses and for the guests to get comfortable, in case anyone is feeling nervous, but we also offer the freedom of being on a well behaved horse out on the trail for most of the ride. Afterall, being out on the trails is part of what we believe you are looking for, an adventure!

Now Offering a Discount: Once you've completed a lesson package or 5 trailrides here at All Hoofed Up, we offer the discounted rate of just $25 for 1 hour or $35 for 2 hours.

Saddle up 'em horses and prepare to ride!